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The state of the parties in each region

Eastern EnglandConservatives39
Eastern EnglandLabour23
Eastern EnglandLiberal Democrats1
Eastern England:63
Greater LondonLabour57
Greater LondonConservatives11
Greater LondonLiberal Democrats6
Greater London:74
Merseyside & Gr. ManchesterLabour40
Merseyside & Gr. ManchesterConservatives2
Merseyside & Gr. ManchesterLiberal Democrats2
Merseyside & Gr. Manchester:44
Northern EnglandLabour42
Northern EnglandConservatives12
Northern EnglandLiberal Democrats2
Northern England:56
Northern IrelandUlster Unionists10
Northern IrelandSDLP3
Northern IrelandDemocratic Unionists2
Northern IrelandSinn Fein2
Northern IrelandUK Unionists1
Northern Ireland:18
ScotlandLiberal Democrats10
ScotlandScottish Nationalists6
South Central EnglandConservatives24
South Central EnglandLabour9
South Central EnglandLiberal Democrats6
South Central England:39
South-east EnglandConservatives30
South-east EnglandLabour13
South-east EnglandLiberal Democrats1
South-east England:44
South-west EnglandConservatives22
South-west EnglandLabour15
South-west EnglandLiberal Democrats14
South-west England:51
Tyne & WearLabour13
Tyne & Wear:13
WalesPlaid Cymru4
WalesLiberal Democrats2
West & South YorkshireLabour37
West & South YorkshireLiberal Democrats1
West & South Yorkshire:38
West Central EnglandLabour55
West Central EnglandConservatives21
West Central EnglandIndependents1
West Central EnglandLiberal Democrats1
West Central England:78
West MidlandsLabour24
West MidlandsConservatives4
West MidlandsSpeaker1
West Midlands:29
Grand total: 659